The web development team prioritizes its product backlog according to the following three principles:

  • Work that influences recruitment in all programs (marketing)
  • Work that impacts the health and safety of our community (health and safety)
  • Work that influences the experience of current students and community (experience)

We do this while building a team and maintaining our commitment to existing clients.

Backlog visibility

Updated March 7, 2024

The following is a strategic view of a constantly evolving backlog for the merged OSC web team.  Not every piece of work the team is engaged in is represented here, but this broadly reflects what work we have on our horizon in both the near and long term.  

Nearer term:


  • SNv1 Custom -> SNv3 Custom Migrations (buying down technical debt) and supporting site launches
    • Facilities
    • ITS
    • More...
  • SNv1 Custom -> SNv3 Standard Migrations
  • SNV1 Standard - SNv3 Standard
  • CCOM Collaboration

Longer term:

  • Privacy Consent
  • Data analytics (snowplow)
  • UIDS 4
  • P2LB (Sitenow v2 Migrations)
  • Landing page functionality for sites (recruitment)
    • Help campus partners create modern landing page experiences for their marcomm campaigns
  • Stories site functionality & migration (to
  • Campus Events 2.0
  • IA Templates and recommendations for campus partners, colleges, and departments
    • Provide guidance and support to campus partners who own websites and/or are anticipating a redesign
  • Content strategy support and research for campus partners
    • Provide guidance and support to campus partners who own websites and/or are anticipating a redesign
  • Non-brand Sitenow service option
  • MyWeb Service retirement/evolution
  • Personalization solution
  • Faculty/staff/current students landing pages on
  • Replace Google CSE with something else
  • NextGen Campus Signage
  • More

Items higher up in the backlog are closer to being worked on and have more clarity. Items further out in the backlog have less definition and are generally further from development. Backlog is subject to change frequently as we reprioritize and adapt.

Reminder: The web team reviews the strategic backlog and shares our progress on delivered functionality every week in our sprint demo (Thursdays, 1:00-2:00pm).  Subscribe to UIWeb listserv to get the weekly invite. (Listserv instructions)