What is web content strategy?

Web content strategy is not something you can click or see. It's an experience on a site that has an intentional, strategic and data-driven approach.

This strategy helps inform you (and your unit) as you redesign your institutional site and approach its navigation structure, writing, design and key messages. Having a strategy helps to not only guide the creation of your web content, but also the governance of your site to ultimately provide useful and usable content to your users. 

Getting Started

We're here to help you get started with content strategy for your website.

Why should I have a content strategy for my website?

To put it simply, having a content strategy for your site is essential to ensuring its success. Here's why:

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Helps you create user-centered content

An effective web content strategy will help you to establish a governance process, publish useful and useable content, deliver that content to your users and make sure that it is properly developed and maintained.

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Engages your target audience

Your institutional site is one of your most important communications tools. When website visitors have a positive experience on your site and can easily find what they're looking for, they're much more likely to take that next step.

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Defines your site choices and goals

When you have a documented content strategy, you can make informed choices about each stage of your website. You’ll be able to define your site goals and make user-center choices about the content on your site throughout its lifecycle.

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Guides management and updates

Content strategy is an ongoing process and requires continuous updates and maintenance. Your strategy will help serve as a guide to help you in the planning, development, execution, refinement and management stages of your site.