We're here to help you build the best possible site. Our team offers training to content editors and site owners looking to build more effective websites. Currently, we offer training on web content strategy, Layout Builder, Siteimprove and content hub.

Layout Builder

This training is an introductory session to Layout Builder. Layout Builder is SiteNow's full suite of content editing functions that allow you to build page layouts in a drag-and-drop interface.

Skills you'll gain:
web design page layout content editing

Layout Builder questions

Layout Builder is a feature that comes with your SiteNow v3 site. 

Yes! Layout Builder is meant to be used by technical and non-technical users alike. The drag-and-drop interface allows individuals of all levels of expertise to be able to build a professional website for your department or unit. 

You can contact the OSC web team at its-web@uiowa.edu

A Layout Builder: Tips and Tricks training will occur on May 9, 2023 at 10 a.m.

Additionally, you can watch a previously recorded training session via the link on the left. 

Web content strategy

This training covers the basics of creating effective content for new and existing websites, including: intuitive navigation menus, content modeling and leading a strategic web project. 

Skills you'll gain:
content strategy for web laying out intuitive menus writing for web

Web content strategy

Web content strategy is not something you can click or see. It's an experience on a site that has an intentional, strategic and data-driven approach.

Having a content strategy for your website is crucial to understanding what your users are looking for on your site and how you can develop your site content to meet their needs. Research from Hanover states that "roughly 80% of students rate a college's website as the most influential resource and one that is used consistently through the college research and admissions process."

You can contact the OSC web team at its-web@uiowa.edu.

There is not currently an upcoming live training session at this time. You can watch a previously recorded training session via the link on the left. 


We're here to help you build the best website for your unit.


This training covers the basics of Siteimprove. This is a tool that helps improve the quality, performance, and accessibility of your website(s). Hosted by a Siteimprove vendor partner.

Skills you'll gain:
web accessibility web quality web performance


Because you've made an investment in establishing a presence on the web. Without Siteimprove, you are creating experiences that are likely populated with broken links, accessibility issues, typos, and other problems that reflect poorly on your work, your unit, and the brand. 

You wouldn't launch a press release or write an article without using spell check, would you? Siteimprove is your quality tool for all your content on the web (and yes, it includes spell check for your web pages).

You can sign in to Siteimprove using your HawkID and Password here: 


Be aware that any campus user can sign in and our licensing provides for unlimited users. However, new users will need to reach out and ask to be added to the websites they are responsible for.

All new sites need to be added by the vendor. To get your website added, contact service owners TM Weissenberger (todd-weissenberger@uiowa.edu) or Michael O'Neill (michael-oneill@uiowa.edu).

Once added, the initial scan will take a few days to complete.

New users can be added by many collegiate and unit web leads or by contacting any of the following: 

You can contact Todd Weissenberger or Michael O'Neill.

The next training will occur on Monday, May 8 at 2 p.m.


Content hub

This training covers the basics of content hub. Content hub is the site that feeds the Iowa events calendar at events.uiowa.edu. Content hub lets you input your departmental event to let others in the UI community know about it. This session will walk through the information options, the data entry process, and the approval process for event entries.

Skills you'll gain:
information management data entry approving events

Content Hub

Content hub allows you to put information on the university-wide events calendar. This allows your event to easily be seen by others across campus. Whether your event is an internal meeting or a public performance, a one-off or a recurring series, content hub can help. 

You can contact Chris Clair at christopher-clair@uiowa.edu.

There is not currently an upcoming live training session at this time. You can watch a previously recorded training session via the link on the left. 

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